march intentions 3.7.2015

March is getting away from me already. My February intentions included the usual of daily drawing and exercising and twice a week yoga and bird-watching, plus finishing my reading of “The Artists Way.” I did it all! The Artists Way took a long time for me to finish. I was frustrated that it was more focused on writing. I did the “daily pages” of writing at the beginning, but then I decided to put that daily energy into drawing or painting instead of writing. Also, the book was a little too God-focused for me. I DO think it helped give me the kick-start that I needed when I started my daily art practice. And there is some good stuff in the book about creativity and finding one’s artist-self, and I’m glad I read it, and may pick it back up again when I’m looking for inspiration.

This month of March, I’m staying with all my usual art and exercise intentions, and I’m going to start reading “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp. I’m still quite busy with some family issues, so am keeping my daily practices limited, but I AM going to keep chugging along.

This drawing was inspired by one of my favorite shapes, the spiral, and branches. Perhaps I’ll use it as a study for a larger paining.



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