new painting 6.3.2021

In my most recent series of paintings, I'm still using oil pastel and wax markers and graphite and charcoal. And I've added another element - paper. I've had an old dictionary for years and almost gave it away to charity last year. Instead, I kept it, and decided that I should finally just DO something … Continue reading new painting 6.3.2021

perennial seed starting update 5.20.2021

Last fall, I collected seeds from and started several types of perennials. The containers of planted seeds stayed outside all winter, and I opened the tops of the containers when the weather got warm enough this spring. The containers sat all winter in one of my raised garden beds. This photo was taken March 1, … Continue reading perennial seed starting update 5.20.2021

art quote – Barlow 4.8.2021

Art is full of ambiguity. Our response is often undefined, unexpected and perplexing. Being willing to embrace the mystery—and to do so outside the domain of language—frees a viewer to experience the work without any explanation or validation. That personal response can frequently link directly to the thrill of being intimately enthralled.Deborah Barlow,