Hi. I’m Rachel.

I am an artist, feminist practitioner, and crone of compassion and wisdom living among the lakes and scattered prairie and sedge remnants of Madison, Wisconsin. I create using clay and paper, glaze and paint, brush and pen. My body of work is informed by my lived experiences, past and present. I look to the objects, landscapes and people around me to guide my creative process. I take artistic cues from the natural processes which I bear witness to day to day – flowers growing wild and free in my garden, rust slowly consuming metal – and my sacred relations with both the human and more than human world.

When I’m not creating art in my home studio, you might find me practicing yoga, gardening, or reading.  I document and reflect on art, creating, and more personal parts of my life in my blog.

About my paintings: A life-long artist, I received a formal education in painting at Loras College in Iowa, where I studied under Tom Jewell-Vitale. I create my drawings and painting on paper or canvas using a variety of media. My pieces are generated from my lived experience. They speak not only to nature, grief, and motherhood, but also to the human condition. 

About my ceramics: I’ve been creating ceramics throughout my entire life. My ceramic work includes both wheel-thrown pieces, and hand-built vessels made with clay slabs or coils – and sometimes a combination of the two. Created with simple forms and clean lines, my work is minimalist and elegant. Some vessels have a wabi-sabi aesthetic, with a beauty that exists because of, and not in spite of, imperfection. My work is naturalistic, intuitive, and often sculptural. I allow the clay and glaze to speak for themselves, creating rough natural edges and color patterns reminiscent of the earth herself. Each of my handcrafted pieces hold their own uniqueness and artistry.

As of November 2022, I am a juried member and serve on the board of the Madison Area Potters Guild.

I donate a percentage of all my ceramic sales each year to a non profit. In 2022, my annual donation went to the Middle & High School Programs at Goodman Community Center in Madison, WI.

All images on this website © Rachel Imsland, 2023.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Rachel! Thanks so much for visiting my site and choosing to follow along! Your work is stunning. Are you thinking about coming back for the 40th reunion? I don’t usually do that stuff, but I’d love to see you and talk about art. 🙂


    1. Hi Sandy! I’ve just scratched the surface of your blog. You are a prolific writer and artist! My other first impression? I LOVE your music selection;) No, I don’t ‘think’ I’ve ever gone to a reunion, and don’t plan on attending this one. But yes, let’s talk about art.

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