back in Portland 3.2.2015

I’m back in Portland, Oregon, hanging out with my healing son. I brought my sketch pad, a small variety of pencils and pens, and, of course, my little Sakura watercolor set, so I am set for my daily art practice. Portland is a great walking city. Spring is just starting here, and the sweet streets are lined with blooming daffodil, tulip, crabapple – or maybe it’s cherry, vinca, crocus and more. Plus, I get to see flowers I don’t find in Madison, including camellia, daphne and several others I don’t know the names of. It is so, so, so, so gorgeous here! I’ll get to experience spring all over again in Wisconsin… two months from now.

Here’s a quick watercolor I painted – a view of Nob Hill in Portland. This is a view that does NOT have homes and condos. Click on the image for a larger view. Portland is a very lovely city.



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