porcelain vessel 6.1.2017

I bought my first bag of porcelain clay a couple months ago and have been hand-building a few pots at my home studio (which I've tentatively named Atelier Imsland;) ) Rumor has it the porcelain is "fussy" but I've had no problems with it... yet. Perhaps because I'm fussy about all my pots! Here's my … Continue reading porcelain vessel 6.1.2017


sgraffito 8.11.2016

Sgraffito,(via Wikipedia) (Italian: [zɡrafˈfiːto]; plural: sgraffiti; sometimes spelled scraffito) means "applying to an unfired ceramic body two successive layers of contrasting slip, and then in either case scratching so as to reveal parts of the underlying layer." In this case, I use a porcelain mix clay - it's not pure porcelain, but a clay mix with … Continue reading sgraffito 8.11.2016