late-summer garden 8.24.2017

The late-summer light brings on a change in feeling/emotion for me. Rather nostalgic, and in a good way. I always considered autumn my favorite time of year here in what we call the “midwest” of the United States. Perhaps it’s because this year’s weather has been unusually cool– or perhaps it’s the angle of the sunlight right now– or a combination of the two, but I feel that nostalgic warm and happy and good feeling earlier than usual. I’ll take it!


This Dahlia is the first to bloom in my garden. It’s named “Woodland’s Wildthing.” This is the third year I’ve grown these Dahlias (I overwinter the tubers in my basement,) and they’re the biggest ever! The sherbet-like color of yellow to orange is stupendous!
Most of the magenta Bee Balm is past it’s prime, (although the insects are still loving it) but I think it’s so cool the way this plant flowers, then pushes another flower straight up out of the first bloom!
This is the second year I’ve started Zinnias from saved seeds. It’s fun, but even though I start the seeds germinating in March, I still have some of the latest-blooming Zinnias around. Most likely because I don’t have a greenhouse or grow lights to get the plants off to a good start;) Next year I think I’ll buy starter plants instead.
The Queen Anne’s Lace went crazy in my garden this year! Mostly on the curb. And that’s mighty fine with me, because I love her so:) And more flowers means less grass to mow!
I bought three miniature Sedums with high hopes, but they didn’t grow any bigger than the original starter plants, and one died. This is Tokyo Sun Stonecrop on the left, and Aeonium Kiwi on the right. Very sweet, but my garden isn’t the right spot for these.
I added this Sweet Woodruff along the fence last year, where the invasive Creeping Bellflower was beginning to take over. The Woodruff has done a fine job of settling in and pushing out the Bellflower!
I bought this Abutilon, or Flowering Maple, after seeing it on display at the Denver Botanic Gardens last year. She’s a pretty one!
This is Persicaria Amplexicaulis, or Golden Arrow. The golden leaves are striking in my garden, and her magenta flowers last a long time. One of my favorites! Oh, I have so many…
I’m loving how the Sedum flowers are just beginning to get some blushing color on their blooms, playing off the reddish color in the Columbine leaves that are starting to fade away for the year.
Here’s a pic of part of my front yard, which I began changing from grass to garden last year. You can see my son digging out the grass for me last year in this post. My front yard garden has improved greatly! Not a whole lot of blooms in this pic, but there’ve been at least a few plants blooming every month.
Here’s another plant I overwintered by keeping her in a pot in my living room over the cold Wisconsin months. Her name is Persian Shield. She got a little spindly indoors by spring time, but loves living in my garden! I adore her colors. And the Variegated Solomon’s Seal behind her is loving my front yard, too:)
I’ve always kept my “Tristan” Strawberries in pots set a couple feet off the ground. But that made it too easy for the squirrels and chipmunks to feast, so I put the plants in hanging baskets this year. (I overwinter them in my raised beds.) The hanging baskets work great, the plants get more sun, and I get more berries! (Although just the other day I saw a chipmunk peeking out between the leaves on one of these plants… he’d climbed the rose trellis and jumped over to the berries…)
The Tomatoes reached their highest height yet on my beautiful blue tomato trellis. I’ve heard from others that it’s been a bad tomato year in Madison, but it’s been good for my plants, and I’ve gotten several heavenly delicious Tomatoes!
I’m reaching the last harvest of my Raspberries. These plants were barely surviving in the garden when I moved in, and I think and hope I’ve finally figured them out. I’ve got some pruning to do soon in preparation for next year.
My Fig is also overwintered in my basement, then set out in my garden in early May. Last year I got two Figs. This year there are three! Small victories;)


Here’s a pic of a couple vases I made recently filled with blooms from my garden. Nasturtium, Grandma Zims (cosmos,) Heliopsis, Phlox, Zinnia, Yarrow, and Hyssop. 

Happy Gardening!


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