gardenista 6.18.2016

After the week-long ceramics workshop I attended a few weeks ago, I’ve visited Midwest Clay Project, the ceramics studio where I work, only a few times. May and June in Wisconsin means high gardening season for me, where weeds seem to grow faster then other plants.  Of course, “weeds” are in the eye of the gardener!

My brain and body are focused on planting, weeding, digging, and watering. The spring tulips, daffodils and crocus have browned and withered. The iris, peonies, lupine and dame’s rocket are on their last gasp. And the annuals I started from seed harvested last year – zinnia, snapdragon, cosmos, and Grandma Zims (as I affectionately call them, discovered 30 years ago in Iowa City, Iowa) are still too small to hold many blooms. Peas and strawberries are great snacks while I tend the tomatoes, kale, dill, basil and beets. The first monarch of the season arrived last week, a little early for the teenaged milkweed. And the fireflies have arrived, as well!

The gardens currently hold green as their main color. The photos below, clockwise from upper left are:

  • my son Peter taking off the top layer of sod and adding free compost I got from the city. I plan to leave two or three grass paths in the front yard and convert the remainder to perennials, annuals, and perhaps a kale or tomato plant thrown in for good eating!
  • beets that need thinning
  • side yard with bird bath where robins and sparrows love to bathe
  • peas!!
  • patterns!!
  • happy yellow primrose

Soon, as the days grow hotter and the plants grow slower, I’ll re-focus on clay and paint. But for now, this gardenista is in love with her little slice of heaven at the corner of Center and Miller Avenues.


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