plant marker organization 8.10.2017

Last month I went on the annual local garden walk put on by one of Madison, Wisconsin’s gems, Olbrich Botanical Gardens. At one of the gardens, the gardener had all of his plant markers piled on his backyard table in about 8 different piles. As I looked closer, I saw that each pile was held together with a key ring. What a creative idea!

Earlier this year, I blogged about using spoons as plant markers. I still keep the plastic markers that come with plants  – those that I purchase at a plant store, anyway (I purchase a lot of plants at neighborhood sales.) And I kept those plastic markers in an old pot on my garage gardening shelf, in no order, because it’s hard to keep narrow plastic strips in order. So when I wanted more info on a particular plant, I’d have to sort through the pile.

After I saw that creative (and great!) idea at the garden walk, I dug out a couple unused key rings from the junque drawer, found out my handy hole-puncher, and made my own rings of plant markers.


I’ve got them in alphabetical order, split at the letter “m” between the two metal rings. Now, when I’m looking for info on a particular plant, it’ll be easy to find:)



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