photo shoot 11.5.2015

Earlier this week, I had a photo shoot for my latest ceramic pieces. Although I’ve read that photographing art works best outside, where the light is just about perfect, I wanted to set up an inside session to simply make it easier. I chose a bright, sunny day, and even though the sun wasn’t shining through the windows directly on to the pieces, I closed the window blinds midway through the session because I felt there was TOO much light. You can see the difference in the photos below.

I used a piece of white poster board as the backdrop, and set it atop a shelf, taping the top of the poster board to the wall and the bottom to the shelf, allowing the back of the poster board to curve, rather then folding it to make a 90 degree angle. I also used a tripod, and took advantage of the timer on my camera. The photos I took last week were a bit blurry because the camera moved each time I pressed the button to take a photo. This time, using the timer, the photos are nice and crisp.

Once I downloaded the photos to my computer, I realize that there is no way to gauge the size of the pieces. These three pots are actually quite small, but you can’t tell from these photos.

I don’t know much about photography, and I don’t want to learn much about photography. I suppose I’ll learn a little bit more each time I photograph my art work. As usual, clicking on the images below will bring up a larger image.

IMG_1069 IMG_1105


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