I’m back!! 10.29.2015

After many months, I’m back to the blogosphere! Hello! Hello!

Life became way too full for me this spring, and some things had to go. Blogging was one of those things. And now my days are slowly turning back to what I like to think of as normal, and I intend to get back to posting more regularly here.

Ceramics has always been my first love as an artist. But I always found excuses for not persuing my love of clay. A couple months ago, I decided to get back together with ceramics, and signed up for a beginner’s wheel throwing class at Midwest Clay Project here on the lovely east side of Madison, Wisconsin. On Monday, I start my monthly membership there, and can play with clay to my heart’s (and soul’s) content! Here are photos of one of the bowls I made. It’s thrown on the wheel, and I added handles with a stamped design.

IMG_1061 IMG_1062

IMG_1068 IMG_1065


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