hand built vase 11.11.2015

I stepped off the potter’s wheel last week and tried the slab method of ceramics. I moved from a wheel thrown form to a hand built form. With a short, clear, thorough lesson from fellow potter Mary, I learned how to use the slab roller.Thanks Mary! After rolling a couple mid-sized slabs, I laid them on the canvas table to set up a bit so they’d be firm enough to work with. I grabbed some newspaper and cut out a shape for a vase that I thought might work, then placed the paper cut-outs on the clay slabs, tracing and cutting the newspaper cut-outs on the clay with a knife. After I scored and slipped the pieces together, I came up with this:


While the vase set up for a few days, I pondered what to design or draw on it. Looking through my sketchbook, I found a sketch that would work, or at least something to work off of. I’ve drawn many little sketches like this one, but here’s the one I chose to show you:


This week, I carved a similar design on to the vase. Here’s how it looks now:


The design on the other side is a little different. I like what I’ve got so far. I like the asymmetrical shape, and I’m very pleased that a version of a drawing from my sketchbook has come to life! And there are so many more sketches to use 😉


One thought on “hand built vase 11.11.2015

  1. This is lovely. Pottery is such a good form of meditation. The slab method is how I normally work. It is freeing just immerse yourself in all of that process, I am sure. Best of luck, on and off the wheel. x


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