watercolor 1.10.2019

Last year, I took a 6-week watercolor class. Although I earned an art degree in college with an emphasis in painting, I didn’t take watercolor or oil classes during my college years. I’ve dabbled in watercolor on my own, but thought it was time I learned some ‘real’ watercolor techniques. And that’s why I took the class.

Here are a few of the paintings I’ve completed so far. These are all are rather small – about 8×5 inches.

I think I’m pretty good at snowy pine trees:) An interesting fact is that all the colors in these paintings are mixed from a couple different tones of each of the primary colors – yellow, red, and blue. I’ve never mixed colors using only the three primary colors, so I think it’s super cool! One of my clay studio friends took the class with me, and now she and I meet monthly for a few hours to watercolor together. It’s a great way to not only spend time together, but to encourage one another and share ideas about painting. That’s it for this week from Rachel as Artist!


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