watercolor charts 2.6.2020

A couple summers ago, I took a watercolor class where I learned that I could make a variety of colors by mixing only primary colors together: blue, yellow and red. All my long life, I've used pre-mixed colors in my paintings, and even though I mixed those premixed colors together to get other colors, it … Continue reading watercolor charts 2.6.2020

watercolor leaves 1.16.2020

Over the past few years, I've started to make a list of art goals every January. One of my goals for 2020 is to finish all my paintings that are in progress. I'd like to finish these before I start any new paintings, but that remains to be seen:) Here are three little watercolors I … Continue reading watercolor leaves 1.16.2020

#51-65 self portraits 6.6.2019

Here's the latest installment in my 100-day self portrait series. This set numbers 51-65. 51. sticker cutout52. clay53. after Egon Schiele (attempted)54. watercolor55. blind contour with colored pencil56. woven watercolors57. leftovers glued together58. graphite paper tracing and watercolor59. wire60. spent petals from mothers day bouquet61. pink (junk mail)62. profile in pencil with orange background63. as … Continue reading #51-65 self portraits 6.6.2019