blues 12.29.2015

Here are a couple of the mugs that are in their final glory. Both of these mugs were included in the photo from my November “mugs” post, before they were fired. They’re not the same size, but are the same shape and style, and glazed in the same method. I love the blues!

I’m still testing the glazes and slips- both a couple I bought and those that Midwest Clay Project provides. In fact, I finally made some small glaze testers out of clay so that I don’t “test” glazes on a final piece. I did that with a couple bowls – using a couple glazes I purchased myself – and basically ruined the bowls because my glaze tests didn’t work out. Ceramics can be a slow process, working through to what you want through trial and error. But that’s part of the fun, too, because usually I’m delighted with the final piece.



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