october review 10.30.2014

I’m darn pleased with my October. My intentions for this month were:

1. Draw every day. Although I didn’t spend a whole lot of time drawing, I did practice the act of drawing every day, and feel more comfortable putting pencil to paper after a month of drawing. And I’m feeling a bit excited to use a tool other than pencil!

2. Practice yoga at least twice a week. This one was easy. I think I’d gotten out of the habit because I’d been focused on the September wedding of my daughter and her partner. With that fantastic and wonderful life event over, it’s easier to take the time to yogify myself.

3. Post on this blog at least once a week. This was easy, as well, since I’m keeping my posts fairly short.

4. Complete the 28-day squat challenge. Done, and I’m kinda glad it’s over with. I plan to continue this exercise a few times a week.

I also walked a couple miles every day, and when it was raining, I rode my exercise bike. And I celebrated by 57th birthday! I feel like I want to focus on art and physical activity at this point in my life. Easy for me to even think and write this, since I have most of my basic life needs met. I do appreciate that and know I am a lucky person to afford these luxuries.

I’m keeping track of my intentions on a paper calendar. I’ll write about tracking my progress in a future post. And I’ll write about my intentions for November next week.

Here’s my favorite drawing from this week. Three different spirals, drawn with 6B, 2HB, and mechanical pencil.


© Rachel Imsland


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