lines 10.22.14

I’m not too happy with any of my drawings from the past week. So I’ll post the drawing I think is the most interesting. The drawing prompt was “negative space.” After I drew the leaves of one of my houseplants, I outlined the negative space and then added lines to those outlined areas. Although I don’t think the drawing looks complete or finished, the effect turned out pretty cool. And as I review the drawings from this month, those with some kind of line element are most interesting. I’m not referring to the outline of the thing I draw, but rather to lines added to the drawing that work more as a design element. One last item of note, (and it’s at times like these that I feel I am being bonked on the head by my psyche telling me, “Pay Attention!”) it that I was looking through some of my old photographs yesterday, and found a couple photos from paintings I created over 20 years ago, and guess what the background consisted of? That’s right. Lines.



© Rachel Imsland


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