counting birds 2.25.21

This year I’m counting all the different birds I see each day. Not the number of birds I see, but the variety. I got the idea from one of Nikki McClure’s instagram posts. She counted the variety of birds in a year, but I decided to go for it and count the variety for each day. I’m keeping the list on my phone, then copying over to paper and adding a painting of a favorite bird for that month. Each month’s final list will include “fun facts” – for example, in January, Madison, Wisconsin, USA gained 51 minutes of daylight! Woot! Spring is coming:)

This is January’s list. It’s all in pencil, except for the watercolor painting. The pencil smeared as I worked on the paper, so I’ve decided to write future lists in pen. These are 12 x 12 inches on 98 lb paper, and it’s hard to get the small type in focus when I take the photo.
And a closeup shot of the watercolor Junco:)
Here’s the in-progress February list, this one in pen. I’m not using watercolor paper, but the birds are turning out okay and because the bird painting is so small, the paper doesn’t curl and warp.
Another closeup.

There are several times I’ve heard a bird, but can’t spot it with my eye, and those don’t get included on my list. By the end of the year, I’ll also have another list – of the date I spotted the first bird of each variety, like McClure did. I’m learning more about the sounds of birds, their flight patterns, where particular birds like to hang out in my neighborhood, plus I’m looking UP a lot more during my walks!


2 thoughts on “counting birds 2.25.21

  1. Hi Rachel, Your drawings are lovely and full of life. What a fine, reflective, activity to do as we await spring.

    Are you familiar with *The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady* by Edith Holden? In it she records her observations and watercolor sketches from walks in central England over the course of a year. I like to look at it at the beginning of each month. Our public library seems to have a copy.

    Your posts are inspirational!

    Susan H.

    Artist to: date: Feb 25, 2021, 2:24 PM subject: [New post] counting birds 2.25.21 mailed-by: signed-by: security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more : Important according to Google magic.

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    1. Thank you Susan! And thanks for the book suggestion – I’ve put a hold on it at my library:)


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