self portrait ideas 3.28.2019

For the 100 day project, I’m creating a daily self portrait. I don’t want to feel stuck – with no ideas or creativity – on any particular day, so took some time for advance planning. Here’s a list of drawing ideas I came up with. I don’t have 100 different ideas, but don’t mind repeating these. And some of these individual ideas can be expanded. For example, one color – I could create a number of self portraits, each in a different color.

  1. pencil
  2. pen
  3. watercolor
  4. colored pencil
  5. pastel
  6. mixed media
  7. acrylic
  8. right handed (dominant hand)
  9. left handed
  10. blind contour
  11. tracing
  12. use mirrors
  13. shadow
  14. partially hide face behind object
  15. different body parts
  16. diptych
  17. triptych
  18. one color
  19. color schemes
  20. collage
  21. use letters only
  22. split face into half or quarter
  23. only straight lines
  24. distorted grid
  25. trace face on mirror and print with damp paper
  26. cardboard cutout collage
  27. stitched
  28. upsidedown
  29. attach pencil to long stick
  30. draw with eyes closed
  31. use foot/toes to hold pencil
  32. draw a thought inside of large head
  33. hold pencil with both hands
  34. close-up
  35. draw over a drawing
  36. hold pencil with a fist
  37. one continuous line
  38. darken paper with charcoal and erase face
  39. only dots and dashes
  40. clay
  41. found object
  42. wire

In my mind, I thought this project would include only drawing and painting, but as I gathered my drawing ideas, some sculptural forms popped in to my head. This 100 day project starts in 5 days! Time to gather my materials so I don’t have to hunt them down each day!

Here’s a self portrait I created in 2014 šŸ™‚

Can you think of other possibilities for self portraits? I’d love to hear about your ideas and add them to my list!


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