colorado summer visit 7.12.2018

Besides seeing lots of awesome art during my Colorado visit last month, my main goal was to spend time with my daughters, their partners, and my granddogs and grandcats.


Buckley, a 14 year old papillon, got transported to our picnic in the park in his Mom’s (daughter #1 Elly) backpack. Cheesman Park is an expansive green space with views of the mountains. (And I didn’t encounter one single mosquito in Denver!) Buckley also sometimes rides in his Dad’s front bike basket, which I didn’t get a pic of.


This is Bruce the brindle greyhound getting a rubdown from his Mom (daughter #2 Berit), and Bruce sharing the couch with Little Man the drooling cat.


Elly took this great shot of Berit and me pretending to be Foxtail Lilies at the Denver Botanic Gardens (one of my favorite places in Denver! and right next to Cheesman Park! and no mosquitoes again!) But we failed to wear the correct yellow camouflage;)


Me and Berit in the Sleepytime room during our Celestial Seasonings factory tour in Boulder, Colorado. I’ve been a Celestial Seasonings fan since the late 70’s, so it was great fun to learn more about this company. The mint room is amazingly minty.


I usually go camping with my daughters on my annual Colorado visit, and this year we decided to keep the mountains to a day trip. Silver Dollar Lake Trail is a 3.2 mile hike near Montezuma, Colorado. The lake is at almost 12,000 feet.


We hiked over a few big swaths of snow pack that was still melting off the mountain. Other than being afraid I’d slip and fall down the mountain on those snow-packed parts of the trail, it was a fairly easy and totally gorgeous hike.


Wildflowers spotted during our hike up to the lake.


One pic of me, and another of Berit, Elly and Dylan at Silver Dollar Lake. It was chilly and windy there! And supremely gorgeous:) And no mosquitoes:))


Elly, me and Berit, when they dropped me off at the train headed to the airport. A pic of what I thought was our last moment together. Alas, the train lost power between two transformers and delayed airport arrival by over an hour. I missed my flight:(


The next day I had to myself, so I walked the streets of Denver most of the day, which is a really fine town to walk around in. Especially because there are no mosquitoes! That night we went out for dinner one last time. This is Elly, me, Berit and Dylan toasting to a wonderful time together. Dylan’s the photographer, so you can only see his arm and hand;)


Dylan’s a great photographer with a good eye, and took these marvelous shots of my daughters and me. Thanks Dylan!

I always have such a great time with my daughters. And I love that they both live in Denver! I’m a lucky Mom.


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