beach art 12.29.2016

My sweetheart and I spent the first two weeks of December on the beach at beautiful Sanibel Island, Florida. Long walks on the ocean shore provided new beach art to view every day. I met the young artists of only a couple of works, both pre-teens. Here are some of my favorites!

A seashell Christmas tree.
Holiday wreath and Joy on the beach!
A mermaid!
Mermaids holding hands and a turtle:)

I took along my trusty Sakura Watercolor Field Sketch Set, a perfect traveling companion for me!

Action shot!

Each day I took some time to sit on the back porch, which overlooked the ocean, to sketch and paint. Here are some shots of my completed shell paintings. I’m not exactly sure of the specific names of each shell.

Calico scallop
Florida fighting conch
Banded tulip



Yellow prickly cockle

And of course, I was compelled to arrange and rearrange to design a pattern for shells and a rusty treasure found on our beach walks, looking quite perfect upon my black linen skirt;)


I love Sanibel. So far, the beach ecology has been kept “natural.” Yes, most of the coast is filled with condos and hotels, but most are set back away from the beach, and there’s a huge part of the island that’s a national wildlife refuge. You can read all about the island at Wikipedia, and I encourage you to visit!


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