poem – Crooker 3.16.2023

REQUIEM for Judy by Barbara Crooker It is early March, each day a little bit greener, crocus and snowdrops already in bloom, daffodils sending up the tips of their spears. When summer comes, we will take you to the river, trickle your ashes through our fingers. You will return to us in rain and snow, … Continue reading poem – Crooker 3.16.2023


poem – Gill 7.21.2022

Reasons to Live Through the Apocalypse by Nikita Gill Sunrises. People you have still to meet and laugh with. Songsabout love, peace, anger, and revolution. Walks in the woods.The smile you exchange with a stranger when you experiencebeauty accidentally together. Butterflies. Seeing your grandpar-ents again. The moon in all her forms, whether half or full. … Continue reading poem – Gill 7.21.2022

poem – Oliver 12.17.2020

Walking Home from Oak-Head By Mary Oliver There is somethingabout the snow-laden skyin winterin the late afternoon that brings to the heart elationand the lovely meaninglessnessof time.Whenever I get home - whenever - somebody loves me there.MeanwhileI stand in the same dark peaceas any pine tree, or wander on slowlylike the still unhurried wind,waiting,as for … Continue reading poem – Oliver 12.17.2020

art quote – Chamberlain 8.27.2020

Art is a particular madness where you are using a means of communication, which means are recognizable to other people, to say something that they hadn’t heard, or hadn’t perceived, or had repressed. Curiously, it’s only recently that I’ve noticed that I’m still making sculptures in the way that I made the poems. It’s all … Continue reading art quote – Chamberlain 8.27.2020