poem – Oliver 12.17.2020

Walking Home from Oak-Head By Mary Oliver There is somethingabout the snow-laden skyin winterin the late afternoon that brings to the heart elationand the lovely meaninglessnessof time.Whenever I get home - whenever - somebody loves me there.MeanwhileI stand in the same dark peaceas any pine tree, or wander on slowlylike the still unhurried wind,waiting,as for … Continue reading poem – Oliver 12.17.2020

poem – Kaminski 4.26.2018

Bridal March, Part II: Threshing & Sifting by Laura M Kaminski Not too surprising: doctor grounded me from driving, from really using that shoulder in much of any way. Told me not to roll over on it in my sleep, recommended sleeping upright, more or less, in some sort of chair. Five weeks. Stuck in … Continue reading poem – Kaminski 4.26.2018