new painting 6.3.2021

In my most recent series of paintings, I'm still using oil pastel and wax markers and graphite and charcoal. And I've added another element - paper. I've had an old dictionary for years and almost gave it away to charity last year. Instead, I kept it, and decided that I should finally just DO something … Continue reading new painting 6.3.2021

elly and buckley watercolor 1.30.2020

As part of my ongoing 2020 goal to finish all my WIP (work in process) paintings, I completed my oldest WIP! Yay me! I started this painting back in 2016. Before I had any watercolor instruction. The paper I used isn't even watercolor paper. And the paper's been taped to the board for so long … Continue reading elly and buckley watercolor 1.30.2020