porcelain vessel 6.1.2017

I bought my first bag of porcelain clay a couple months ago and have been hand-building a few pots at my home studio (which I've tentatively named Atelier Imsland;) ) Rumor has it the porcelain is "fussy" but I've had no problems with it... yet. Perhaps because I'm fussy about all my pots! Here's my … Continue reading porcelain vessel 6.1.2017

sculpting a rabbit 3.16.2017

This winter, I enrolled in a hand building class at Midwest Clay Project here in Madison. The teacher focused on figurative hand building, and started us out with a bunny. I took lots of pictures along the way to show you a bit of the process. The first two heads I started with were too … Continue reading sculpting a rabbit 3.16.2017