#66-80 self portraits 6.20.2019

Here's another post about my 100-day self portrait project. This includes self portraits 66 through 80. You can find the first 65 in these posts: #1-16: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/04/18/1-16-self-portraits-4-18-2019/ # 17-34: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/05/09/17-self-portraits-5-9-2019/ # 35-50: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/05/23/35-50-self-portraits-5-23-2019/ # 51-65: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/06/06/51-65-self-portraits-6-6-2019/ You can also find them all on my Instagram stories. 66. buoyant, oil pastel67. as child, watercolor68. as snake … Continue reading #66-80 self portraits 6.20.2019

weekend events 5.2.2019

This weekend I'm participating in two sales: First is the bi-annual Madison Gallery Night, this Friday, May 3 from 5-9pm. This time, I'll be selling my wares with other ceramic artists at Madison College, 2125 Commercial Avenue. There will also be items for sale from the Jewelry Art Metal students, plus free tours of the … Continue reading weekend events 5.2.2019

“Walk Through Walls” book 11.15.2018

I recently finished reading Walk Through Walls, a memoir by performance artist Marina Abramovic, published in 2016. (Earlier this year, I posted her "Artist's Life Manifesto" on this blog.) Abramovic is known for unusual performances which many think are perverted, controversial, or vulgar. Because she's a female artist, and around my age, I wanted to learn more … Continue reading “Walk Through Walls” book 11.15.2018