notan, part one 9.10.2020

Earlier this year I bought a book titled Notan: The Dark-Light Principle of Design. Notan, a Japanese term, involves the concept of dark and light; black and white; positive and negative. It's a small book of 80 pages, but it's jam packed with great information. As a life-long student, I was pretty excited to discover … Continue reading notan, part one 9.10.2020

new bowl 2.2.2017

Here's another new bowl design that I plan to make more of. Instead of making it on a potter's wheel, I squeezed coils of clay together. This "hand-building" makes for a bowl that isn't perfectly round, isn't perfectly smooth, plus I purposefully formed the top edge to be uneven. Something about the imperfect quality attracts … Continue reading new bowl 2.2.2017