8 year blogiversary 9.29.2022

This week marks my 8 year blogiversary! And here's some advice I found on the interweb for Creatives. I haven't yet found the author. Creatives You're more than what you make. Your productivity does not determine your value. It's okay to do nothing sometimes. Not everything you do has to result in a product. Not … Continue reading 8 year blogiversary 9.29.2022


art quote – vedder 2.10.2022

Our job is not to make records that people like. Our job is to make the music that makes us feel proud. I’ve been pondering your questions: Is there something I’m missing here? Am I supposed to be thinking about what other people are thinking? Because with songwriting it’s almost like you can’t think about it in … Continue reading art quote – vedder 2.10.2022

art quote – Kladzyk 11.4 2021

It’s important that artists remind themselves what giving your creative output autonomy means. It means that you will never know all the people your work will matter to. You’ll never be able to measure it. You’ll never be able to witness it. You’ll maybe witness, if you’re lucky, some traces of what it means to … Continue reading art quote – Kladzyk 11.4 2021

art quote – Shaw 12.20.2018

"James Joyce used to use a fancy phrase for this: he calls it “aesthetic arrest.” And all aesthetic arrest actually means is, what are those one or two images that have utterly claimed your heart—claimed beyond thought, claimed beyond the temporary fashions of culture? And you are just forever in love with two or three … Continue reading art quote – Shaw 12.20.2018