art quote – Doctor 1.14.2021

The creative life is not a straight line. There is no map for making, only an orientation. It’s a poetic, unpredictable spiral. It’s the discipline of returning to the same practices again and again, regardless of circumstance. No matter how flourishing your life as a maker is, or how successful you are, you don’t ever … Continue reading art quote – Doctor 1.14.2021

art quote – Sixx 11.8.2018

"There’s two things to think about here. We’re talking about sobriety and creativity and how they intertwine, but we’re also talking about using your creativity as a way to feel fulfilled. I can go to my room and work on art and feel fulfilled. I don’t care if you want to knit or tap dance or … Continue reading art quote – Sixx 11.8.2018