word orbs 12.3.2020

One of my favorite songs is Kate Bush's 50 Words for Snow - basically a list in song. And posted on my wall I have a list, cut out from a newspaper long ago, of 100 words for precipitation. I like lists. Perhaps I learned list love (or list lust) from my mom, Eleanor, who … Continue reading word orbs 12.3.2020

“Mastering Handbuilding” book, 3.22.2018

I recently purchased and read Sunshine Cobb's latest book titled "Mastering Hand Building: Techniques, Tips, and Tricks for Slabs, Coils, and More." I suppose I could've waited until my public library bought the book, but I am impatient at times;)  Plus, I wanted to own it because 1) it was written by a woman, 2) … Continue reading “Mastering Handbuilding” book, 3.22.2018