“Old in Art School” book 1.31.2019

Recently I finished reading "Old in Art School - A Memoir of Starting Over" by Nell Painter. This is a tale of an black/African American/non-white female who left her successful career (Edwards Professor of American History, Emerita, at Princeton University) to attend art school at the age of 64. Painter returned to school as an … Continue reading “Old in Art School” book 1.31.2019

art quote – Abramović 9.20.2018

An Artist's Life Manifesto An Artist's Conduct in His Life: An artist should not lie to himself or others An artist should not steal ideas from other artists An artist should not compromise for himself or in regards to the art market An artist should not kill other human beings An artist should not make … Continue reading art quote – Abramović 9.20.2018