8 year blogiversary 9.29.2022

This week marks my 8 year blogiversary! And here's some advice I found on the interweb for Creatives. I haven't yet found the author. Creatives You're more than what you make. Your productivity does not determine your value. It's okay to do nothing sometimes. Not everything you do has to result in a product. Not … Continue reading 8 year blogiversary 9.29.2022


Flattening watercolor paintings 6.16.2022

When I create a watercolor painting, sometimes the paper buckles and warps, depending how much water I use in the painting. This post shows how I flatten those warped paintings. Here you can see how my small paintings warped. Start with a flat board or surface. I'm using a clean piece of paper, too, because … Continue reading Flattening watercolor paintings 6.16.2022

recycling packing materials 3.10.2022

I've long lived by the motto "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," and I bring that philosophy into my art studio, too. One way I do that is with recycled packaging materials. I sell ceramics in my Etsy shop, and shipping those pieces requires careful packaging and shipping. Ceramics are a delicate and breakable, and need lots of … Continue reading recycling packing materials 3.10.2022

blind contour self-portraits 2.24.2022

I've started a series of self portraits using the blind contour method of drawing. Blind contour drawing is a technique that some suggest improves hand-eye coordination and hones observation skills. But I use it for the results I get. It's my favorite drawing method. In blind contour drawing, the artist looks only at the subject … Continue reading blind contour self-portraits 2.24.2022