100-day project review 8.1.2019

In June, I completed a 100-day project. Every day for 100 days in a row, I completed a self portrait. You can see all of the self portraits by following this link. Before the project began, I came up with 42 different ideas for self portraits. You can see that list here. And as the … Continue reading 100-day project review 8.1.2019

#81-100 self portraits 7.11.2019

Here's another post about my 100-day self portrait project. I've completed the 100 days, so this post includes self portraits 81 through 100. You can find the first 80 in these posts: #1-16: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/04/18/1-16-self-portraits-4-18-2019/ # 17-34: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/05/09/17-self-portraits-5-9-2019/ # 35-50: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/05/23/35-50-self-portraits-5-23-2019/ # 51-65: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/06/06/51-65-self-portraits-6-6-2019/ #66-80: https://rachelimsland.com/2019/06/20/66-80-self-portraits-6-20-2019/ You can also find them all on my Instagram stories. … Continue reading #81-100 self portraits 7.11.2019

#17-34 self portraits 5.9.2019

Continuing my 100 day self-portrait project, I'm posting days 17-34 this week. You can see the first 16 in this post. 17. gesture drawing18. letters19. profile in pencil20. conte crayon21. as flower22. oil pastel23. conte crayon24. large format25. multiples26. straight lines27. half face28. using foot29. drawing on drawing30. a favorite thing31. random thoughts32. random thoughts, … Continue reading #17-34 self portraits 5.9.2019