art quote – le guin 10.13.2022

Meaning in art isn’t the same as meaning in science. The meaning of the second law of thermodynamics, so long as the words are understood, isn’t changed by who reads it, or when, or where. The meaning of Huckleberry Finn is. Writing is risky business. No guarantees. You have to take the chance. I'm happy … Continue reading art quote – le guin 10.13.2022


art quote – vedder 2.10.2022

Our job is not to make records that people like. Our job is to make the music that makes us feel proud. I’ve been pondering your questions: Is there something I’m missing here? Am I supposed to be thinking about what other people are thinking? Because with songwriting it’s almost like you can’t think about it in … Continue reading art quote – vedder 2.10.2022

art quote – Kladzyk 11.4 2021

It’s important that artists remind themselves what giving your creative output autonomy means. It means that you will never know all the people your work will matter to. You’ll never be able to measure it. You’ll never be able to witness it. You’ll maybe witness, if you’re lucky, some traces of what it means to … Continue reading art quote – Kladzyk 11.4 2021

art quote – Barlow 4.8.2021

Art is full of ambiguity. Our response is often undefined, unexpected and perplexing. Being willing to embrace the mystery—and to do so outside the domain of language—frees a viewer to experience the work without any explanation or validation. That personal response can frequently link directly to the thrill of being intimately enthralled.Deborah Barlow,

art quote – Chamberlain 8.27.2020

Art is a particular madness where you are using a means of communication, which means are recognizable to other people, to say something that they hadn’t heard, or hadn’t perceived, or had repressed. Curiously, it’s only recently that I’ve noticed that I’m still making sculptures in the way that I made the poems. It’s all … Continue reading art quote – Chamberlain 8.27.2020