spring art sales 4.21.2022

I'm participating in two art events this spring, both in Madison, Wisconsin. The Marquette-Atwood Neighborhood Art Walk is Sunday, May 1, 2022, from 11am – 5pm. I'll be selling my ceramics out of my garage, so I'll be there rain or shine. I'll be at 2802 Center Avenue in Madison, and my garage is behind … Continue reading spring art sales 4.21.2022

land art exhibit 10.21.2021

I caught this year's land art exhibit at the Farley Center during its final days this year. This is the 5th year the Farley Center has hosted this exhibit, and this year it's called "Rooted in the Land: Land Art Exhibition." Twenty seven artists created outdoor, sustainable art installations, using only materials that safely decompose … Continue reading land art exhibit 10.21.2021