window gallery 3-year anniversary 3.30.2023

This month I recognized 3 years of the Center & Miller Window Gallery! The gallery is in a window in my home, located in Madison, Wisconsin. I started the window gallery in 2020, just after the COVID shutdown. Here's a post about my gallery opening:) I switch out the gallery about every 2 weeks. The … Continue reading window gallery 3-year anniversary 3.30.2023


land art exhibit 10.21.2021

I caught this year's land art exhibit at the Farley Center during its final days this year. This is the 5th year the Farley Center has hosted this exhibit, and this year it's called "Rooted in the Land: Land Art Exhibition." Twenty seven artists created outdoor, sustainable art installations, using only materials that safely decompose … Continue reading land art exhibit 10.21.2021

window gallery 1-year anniversary 3.25.2021

Last Sunday was the one-year anniversary of my home window gallery! I named it the Center&Miller Window Gallery, because my home is at the corner of Center Avenue and Miller Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. The gallery is in a medium-sized window right next to my front door. You can read about the opening one year … Continue reading window gallery 1-year anniversary 3.25.2021

environmental art exhibit 10.17.2019

I visited the Natural Path Sanctuary last week to view their current outdoor art exhibit, titled "Earth Dance 2019." This is the fourth year that area artists have created installations in the woods, using only materials that can safely decompose back into the land. I saw the 2017 exhibit and wrote about it in this … Continue reading environmental art exhibit 10.17.2019