new painting 6.3.2021

In my most recent series of paintings, I'm still using oil pastel and wax markers and graphite and charcoal. And I've added another element - paper. I've had an old dictionary for years and almost gave it away to charity last year. Instead, I kept it, and decided that I should finally just DO something … Continue reading new painting 6.3.2021

notan, part two 2.11.2021

In my continuing study of Notan, these are the remaining exercises I completed from the book Notan: The Dark-Light Principle of Design, by Dorr Bothwell and Marlys Mayfield. You can read Part One of my Notan study here. The third exercise in the book was about the control of tension, balance and movement in a … Continue reading notan, part two 2.11.2021

colorado art redux, round III 10.13.2016

Here's my final installment of the art I saw in Denver last month. Here I am standing outside the Clyfford Still Museum. I didn't know much about Still, and the museum displays not only his artwork, but Still's archives of his letters, sketchbooks, personal items, and more. Apparently Still, an abstract expressionist, "has been credited … Continue reading colorado art redux, round III 10.13.2016