ceramics in process 10.27.2022

I've been creating lots of pots in the past few weeks. vases, bowls, trees planters, orb, ikebana vases platters, vases, orbs These are all at the "greenware" stage, meaning ceramic pieces that are dry clay. They're very fragile at this stage. In the next week, once these are completely dry, I'll fire them to the … Continue reading ceramics in process 10.27.2022


poem – Gill 7.21.2022

Reasons to Live Through the Apocalypse by Nikita Gill Sunrises. People you have still to meet and laugh with. Songsabout love, peace, anger, and revolution. Walks in the woods.The smile you exchange with a stranger when you experiencebeauty accidentally together. Butterflies. Seeing your grandpar-ents again. The moon in all her forms, whether half or full. … Continue reading poem – Gill 7.21.2022

Flattening watercolor paintings 6.16.2022

When I create a watercolor painting, sometimes the paper buckles and warps, depending how much water I use in the painting. This post shows how I flatten those warped paintings. Here you can see how my small paintings warped. Start with a flat board or surface. I'm using a clean piece of paper, too, because … Continue reading Flattening watercolor paintings 6.16.2022