where do my ceramics live? 2.16.2023

I found a map that I’d been storing in my map collection and decided to put it to good use. After gluing it to a piece of foam core, I attached a picture hanger to the back and hung it on the wall near my ceramics studio.

Each time one of my ceramic pieces goes to a new home, I stick a pin in the map so I can see where it now lives.
You can see clusters of my collectors along the California coast.
And spread out along the United States eastern border.
Here’s my neck of the woods.

If there’s more than one of my pieces sold in one place, I still only use one pin. For example, I know I’ve sold several pieces where I live in Madison, Wisconsin, but Madison only gets one pin. So the pins in the map don’t reflect the the quantity of my pieces purchased and collected. Rather, the pins give me an idea of where my ceramics live. I hope they’re enjoying their new homes:)


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