wood firing documentary 12.8.2022

I recently watched a 3-part short documentary series about a ceramicist who wood fires her work. Part 3 is here. You’ll need to scroll down to almost the bottom of the page to find the film. Parts 1 & 2 are here, where eventually Part 3 will land. The films vary in length, from 15 to 25 minutes each. I found the films compelling and meditative, and think they’d be of interest to potters and non-potters alike.

The series is titled “Wood Firing with Nancy Fuller” and the here’s the description: “Nancy Fuller’s work embodies a lifelong search for her place in the world. She has managed to captivate fellow potters and galleries alike with her compelling personal story and her demanding making and firing processes that work in rhythm with nature and at the same time mimic the very cycle of nature.”

There’s also a documentary about hunting wild clay which I’ve not yet watched, but am sure it’ll be fascinating. I hope you find some time to sit back, relax, and enjoy these beautiful films.


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