potato print wrapping paper 11.24.2022

I made some holiday wrapping paper with potato prints on brown kraft paper. It’s fairly simple, and I share the process in these photos.

Here are the supplies I used: a roll of brown craft paper, a flat plate plate to roll the ink on, potatoes, block printing ink, a brayer, a paring knife, and a few ceramic tools I thought might come in handy:)
After cutting the potato in half, I rounded it out to make a better circle. I left one half flat, and the other half I sliced into uneven line forms. I carved away any parts of the potato surface that I didn’t want to receive ink.
This is the my test image. I coated the flat half with white ink and stamped it on to the paper. Then I coated the lined half with red ink and printed it atop the white print.
The long view of the white print.
Printing the red pattern atop the white shape.
Almost done! Here’s a better image of the inked potato halves.
And a beautifully wrapped gift ready to put under the tree!

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