recycling packing materials 3.10.2022

I’ve long lived by the motto “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” and I bring that philosophy into my art studio, too. One way I do that is with recycled packaging materials. I sell ceramics in my Etsy shop, and shipping those pieces requires careful packaging and shipping. Ceramics are a delicate and breakable, and need lots of cushion. The local sales I participate in also require packaging material, both to transport and wrap.

For shipping, I use USPS Priority Mail for a number of reasons – it includes insurance, it’s trackable, it’s quick, and it doesn’t cost a great deal more than “regular” USPS mail. USPS also provides free Priority Mail boxes. Some ceramic pieces don’t fit correctly in the USPS boxes, so I have a number of boxes saved from other shipments I’ve received.

Besides the USPS boxes, the other packaging material I use is all recycled, except for one roll of brand new bubble wrap that I keep on hand for emergencies. And the wrapping tape. Recycled packaging material I use includes bubble wrap, air pillows, paper, packing peanuts, packing foam, crinkle paper, brown paper corrugated wrap, Amazon bubble wrap envelopes, newspaper, and brown paper bags. I get all of this from shipments I receive, and from friends who save theirs for me, and from local shops that advertise free, recycled packaging materials.

Donation from a friend. Every little bit helps:)
Donation from a group of friends.
Storage area for packaging materials.

I realize I’m not using entirely “green,” sustainable packaging materials, but at least I’m diverting plastic and paper from the landfill one more time. Perhaps collectors of my work also recycle, and the packing materials will be reused once again!


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