studio renovation 11.18.2021

I’m starting to make my own ceramic glazes, now that I have my own kiln. And I needed space to store the glaze containers in my small home studio, located in what once was a kitchen on the 2nd floor of my home. I decided to renovate these old kitchen cupboards to be a glaze container storage area.

I’ve been using the upper shelves for pack and ship supplies, boxes of ceramics, and miscellaneous storage. On the top shelves are macrame and beading supplies (and old DVDs!) The four boxes on the middle and bottom shelf are my ceramic pieces, each numbered and organized in their appropriate box. My shipping supplies of tape, markers, and business cards are at the bottom left, and the bottom right is fabric supplies to be moved elsewhere.
Here’s a photo after my sweetheart emptied and removed the bottom doors and drawers. With one 3.5 gallon covered container to see how it would fit.
A bit of paint, a couple nails to hang stirring sticks, and room for 6 large glaze buckets. With room for a few smaller glaze containers, too!

My studio is a continued work in progress. I’m fortunate to have extra space in my home for a studio, AND to have a wonderful sweetheart to help with the renovation! I’m delighted with the new look and functionality of my little home ceramic studio:)


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