land art exhibit 10.21.2021

I caught this year’s land art exhibit at the Farley Center during its final days this year. This is the 5th year the Farley Center has hosted this exhibit, and this year it’s called “Rooted in the Land: Land Art Exhibition.” Twenty seven artists created outdoor, sustainable art installations, using only materials that safely decompose back into the ground. I’ve visited this exhibit most years, and this is the latest I’ve ever gone. It began August 15th, so now, over two months later, most of the art is well into the process of decomposing or gone all together. Following are photos of a few installations still surviving.

Artists Mona Cassis and Steve Heuer
Artist Efrat Livny
Artist unknown
Closeup of hanging gourd with seed pod branches sticking out the top and pine boughs sticking out the bottom. Artist unknown

The Natural Path Sanctuary, where this exhibit is held each year, is a nature preserve burial ground, or green cemetery. During my visit, I found not only art, but recent burial sites, a site with a hole dug and ready for burial, and another site with a person digging the hole. For me, walking through the grounds is peaceful and calming. I’m glad I’ve made it an annual tradition.


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