new painting 6.3.2021

In my most recent series of paintings, I’m still using oil pastel and wax markers and graphite and charcoal. And I’ve added another element – paper. I’ve had an old dictionary for years and almost gave it away to charity last year. Instead, I kept it, and decided that I should finally just DO something with it! I’ve seen others artists use paper in their work, and I liked it, so I’m giving it a try. Here’s one of my first pieces.

The torn dictionary paper adds another element and gives the painting more texture and depth. I love the edges of the torn and cut paper – the way the color kind of catches there. It helps move my eyes around the painting. And I like the printed words on the paper, which adds even another dimension. This is painted on 98 lb paper, 14 x 17 inches. I’ll eventually need to put a finish on it, which will most likely be a coat of acrylic medium and then a coat of wax. I’ll post more from this series as I complete them.


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