neighborhood art walk 4.22.2021

I’ll be participating once again in the Marquette-Atwood Art Walk this year. It’s Sunday, May 2nd, from 11am-5pm on the near-east side of Madison, Wisconsin. My address is 2802 Center Avenue, and I’ll be selling my ceramics out of my garage, on the Miller Avenue side of the house.

Visit the Art Walk website to see samples of work from all participating artists.

This time of COVID means I need to take social distancing into account. I’ll be selling my ceramics outside – in my garage and on the driveway. And in case of bad weather, it’ll all be in the garage, with the big garage door and side door wide open, providing plenty of ventilation. Tables will be at least 6 feet apart and I’ll have a couple bottles of hand sanitizer available. I’ll be more than two weeks past my 2nd Pfizer vaccine, so as immune to COVID as I can be right now, and I’ll be wearing a face mask.

I’ve been busy making lots of pots in preparation for this sale. And what doesn’t sell at the Art Walk will slowly be added to my Etsy shop.

This is about half of the orb vessels I’ll have for sale.
These are some of the new vases that will be available.

I’ve been busy adding new price tags to the over 150 pots and checking off my “to-do” list, which includes borrowing tables, digging out tablecloths, saving newspaper for wrapping, charging up my square reader, making signs… there are a lot of tasks to check off my list! One sign I need to make is a notice that I donate 5% of all my ceramic sales to the pottery program at Madison School and Recreation. If you’re in the Madison area, I hope you’ll stop by and see me!


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