window gallery 1-year anniversary 3.25.2021

Last Sunday was the one-year anniversary of my home window gallery! I named it the Center&Miller Window Gallery, because my home is at the corner of Center Avenue and Miller Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. The gallery is in a medium-sized window right next to my front door. You can read about the opening one year ago in this post.

This shot gives you an idea of the Center&Miller Window Gallery size.
The final exhibit of the gallery’s first year included two blue and white orb vessels.

I began the first year with changing the gallery art every week. And at the end of August, mainly to make my life calmer and more relaxed, I slowed down to displaying a new piece every two weeks. I show both 2D work (drawings and paintings) and 3D work (ceramics.)

In this first year, there were 38 different displays. I had one guest artist (my late son, Peter Evans.) Maybe this year I’ll display creations from my other 2 children, along with art I own from other artists. If you’re local and would like your art displayed in my window gallery, please let me know – I’ll be happy to display it! Even if you’re not local, send me your art and it’ll get shown in the window gallery. (Shipping costs will be yours to cover.)

I’ve had no offers to purchase the art, and only a handful of comments (all positive,) but I can see people looking at the gallery as they walk by my home, so I know it gets noticed. Happy Anniversary to me and my Gallery!


2 thoughts on “window gallery 1-year anniversary 3.25.2021

  1. Happy happy anniversary, Rachel! I love what you are doing, so sweet! I also started displaying my paintings in my window about a year ago, the neighbors got a kick out of the Art of the Day! It only lasted a few months, then my husband took over the street-facing room for his “man cave”, now he displays sports memorabilia šŸ˜šŸ˜†

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