6-year blogiversary 10.1.2020

Yesterday was the 6-year blogiversary of this blog. I published my very first post on September 30, 2014, using a free wordpress.com theme. Then, for the last two years, I tried and tested an upgraded, “premium” WordPress theme. With that premium theme, which cost money to use, I’d hoped to sell my paintings and ceramics here. I also got to use the web address “rachelimsland.com” instead of “rachelimsland.wordpress.com.” I couldn’t find a way to easily set up items for sale, even using the premium theme, and in the end, decided it wasn’t worth the cost just to not have the word “wordpress” in my site url.

So I’m back to using a free WordPress theme on this website. Instead of rachelimsland.com, which may still work for a while, you can now find me at rachelimsland.wordpress.com. It’s the same blog – just a slightly different url.

You also may have noticed that I’m publishing a new blog post every two weeks instead of weekly. Most of the time:) This leaves me more time to create!

I’ve updated and revised my site a bit. Although I can’t offer a “buy” button, I now have a few photo galleries of my paintings and ceramics. And I’m still using Etsy as the sales site for my ceramics. I want to sell my original paintings, too, but haven’t yet taken that step. (You can buy prints or cards or bags and more with my paintings and photographs at my Redbubble shop.) My daughter Elly, writer extraordinaire, helped me update my “About” page. Take a look around!

Me in my happy place – my studio!


2 thoughts on “6-year blogiversary 10.1.2020

  1. Happy anniversary! I know exactly what you are talking about, I recently renewed my premium account, but often wonder if it’s necessary. You new About section is wonderful, I wish you much success with all your endeavors!

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