window gallery update 6.18.2020

The Center & Miller Window Gallery is still going strong. I’ve changed out the gallery art weekly for 12 weeks now. Recently, my sweetheart installed an adjustable shelf, so now I can display my ceramic pieces in the gallery along with 2D work.

Due to COVID, we’re in self retreat, which means we try NOT to go out to shop at stores. So after digging around in the garage, my sweetheart found some old metal uprights and brackets to fit, plus a piece of wood for the shelf. He had to scrape off a few coats of paint from the upright slots so the brackets would fit in smoothly, and then he gave them a nice new coat of black paint.

Here’s a view of the new shelf from the inside of my home. We added a light to help brighten up the darker ceramic vessels, in hopes of making them easier to see from the outside.
Because I was afraid I’d accidentally bump the shelf and send a ceramic vessel flying, my sweetheart added a little extra security. Here’s a closeup of the clasp, fashioned from a t-plate that was bent to fit around the bracket.
And the view from the outside. It’s been hard to find just the right time of the day to take a photo. The sun and shadows create a lot of light and shadow, so apologies for all the reflection in the photo!

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