window gallery 3.26.2020

One of my 2020 goals was to open some kind of “window gallery” in my home. When I walk past art galleries on city streets and see the art hanging in their window, I usually wish I, too, had such a big gallery window to display my art in. Then at some point last year, I came to the realization that I didn’t have to have a “professional” gallery space – I could do it at my own home! Just a small gallery using one window with one piece of art. A Window Gallery.

And this weekend, I celebrated the grand opening of the Center & Miller Window Gallery! Here are pics of the opening.

Sign making in progress.
Me holding the completed sign and the first piece of gallery art. The pic got a little washed out, but I still like it.
Hanging the gallery signage.
Hanging the first piece of art.
Gallery view from inside my home.
Gallery view from outside my home. I may end up trimming these bushes a bit. After this sign was displayed, I added another sign with the hashtag #centerandmillerwindowgallery. That way, if passersby wish to take a picture, they can post it on social media using that hashtag:)
Street view of gallery owner Rachel Imsland in front of her window gallery. I’ll post another picture later this spring when my garden has greened up a bit.
Gallery owner Rachel Imsland and gallery assistant Miss Kitten Underfoot chatting about art with guests Robert, Elly & Buckley, Berit, Peter, and a few other Rachels.
All gallery openings have champagne and snacks!

It was such fun to work on this and celebrate my opening:) Thanks to my dear husband for help and support. I haven’t decided how often to change out the art. Perhaps I’ll start with a weekly schedule, then spread it out to every other week or possibly once a month. If you’re ever in the Madison area, take a walk at the corner of Center Avenue and Miller Avenue to check out my window gallery!


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