berit in color 2.27.2020

This is the last of my pieces that were “in progress” at the beginning of 2020. And I’ve finished it! And all the others that were in progress! There are probably plenty of artists who have a group of unfinished works they’re working on, but my small pile of works in progress were a constant niggling reminder, and it’s nice to not have a “to-do” or “unfinished” list of pieces to work on.

I began the piece using this photo as a reference. This is my youngest child Berit, eating an ice cream cone on our Vancouver Island vacation last summer.
I decided to replace the ice cream cone with flowers, and used one of my many seed catalogues for reference. After I drew the outlines in pencil, I went back over them with black china marker.
And here’s the finished piece. Berit in color, or Woman in Summer, oil pastel and china marker on paper, 14×17.

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