giving back 1.23.2020

As I wrote earlier this month, I “give back” in my life in a variety of ways. I volunteer my time at Atwood Pantry, a local personal essentials (non-food) pantry, and at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. My husband and I donate financially to a variety of local and national non profits and organizations that we think do good work in this world.

Also, I donate a percentage of my art sales income each year. For example, for the past three years, I’ve donated a portion of my ceramic sales to Potters for Peace. I was feeling a need to switch it up this year – to spread the wealth around, as little as it is:) – to another ceramic/pottery-focused organization. So after some research, I’ve decided to support the Madison School & Community Recreation Program pottery program. MSCR is local and they offer great classes and opportunities for youth and adults. The MSCR pottery program will benefit by hopefully growing into more space, offering more classes, and introducing more community members to the wonderful world of pottery!


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